‘Sprite’ sees the silver lining!

In March this year, Silver Lining Pictures collaborated with the advertising company, Fortune Promo Seven Egypt, to re-launch the Sprite brand for the Egyptian and Middle Eastern market. A series of several spots were filmed over five consecutive days at twenty different locations (in and around Cape Town) with the use of over four hundred extras and featured cast members.

Ali Ali, one of the most prominent contemporary directors in Egypt, was approached to direct the spots following the immense success of his “Don’t say ‘No’ to Panda” advertisements (the first online campaign to reach over a hundred million hits on Youtube in the Middle East). Two ninety-second films were also shot featuring popular Egyptian celebrities, Sary Hany and Amina Kahlil. Renier Ridgeway, owner and Executive Producer of Silver Lining Pictures, believes in fostering the indigenous talent and, therefore, the commercials were filmed and produced in their entirety in South Africa by a local crew. Post Production was overseen by Premiere Post Production.

The Crew

Director: Ali Ali
DOP:  Mark Bliss
Agency: FP7 Egypt
Production Compan:– Silver Lining Pictures