Silver Lining Pictures’ Director Michael Matthews and Producer Renier Ridgeway were selected to film a cinematic style three-part commercial campaign for the cell phone network ALTEL, Kazakhstan. The aim of the campaign was to showcase the mobile network’s new superior 4G capabilities.

The three part commercial campaign sees four street racers competing in high-speed action packed Hollywood Blockbuster style racing sequence with each car representing a mobile network in Kazakhstan, with the ALTEL car being the Hero.

These high-speed action packed racing sequences were shot in and around the mountain ranges of Franschoek. This was a truly exhilarating shoot with the Stunt Driver team lead by Robbi Smith, displaying amazing driving techniques and skill to achieve the desired shots.

Capturing the high-octane action was one of South Africa’s most experienced and best-known Cinematogaphers, Peter Tischhauser.

To furnish the commercials with it’s Hollywood flair , the post production responsibilities fell into the hands of Post Production Supervisor Stuart Wilson from The Stylus Group Cape Town for the Online-Edit and Grading. The Offline-Edit was done by Lucian Barnard from Deliverance, Cape Town. The epic Sound Design was produced by Morne Marias from The Sound Surgeon and the original music composed by Pressure Cooker Studios. The Stills Campaign was shot by the talented Matt Geeling.

The Cinema trailer uploaded here showcase the core benefits of ALTEL 4G as represented in each of the stand-alone commericals that can be viewed on Michaels’ show reel.

Crew Members

Production Company : Silver Lining Pictures, Cape Town.
Agency : Cuba Studio Productions, Belarus.
Product : ALTEL 4G.
Produced by: RENIER RIDGEWAY (Silver Lining Pictures, Cape Town).
Directed by: MICHAEL MATTHEWS (Silver Lining Pictures, Cape Town).
Director of Photography: PETER ANDREW TISCHHAUSER.
Art Director: BILLY KEAM (Nautilus Crew, Cape Town).
Production Manager: JENNIFER PACK (Silver Lining Pictures, Cape Town).
Casting Director: DYLANNE POWELL (Silver Lining Pictures, Cape Town).
Grade and On-line Editing: The Stylus Group, Cape Town.
Post Production Supervisor: STUART WILSON (The Stylus Group, Cape Town).
Off-line Editing by: LUCIAN BARNARD (Deliverance, Cape Town).
Sound Design: MORNE MARAIS (The Sound Surgeon, Cape Town).
Original Music Composed by: PRESSURE COOKER STUDIOS, Cape Town.
Stills Campaign: MATT GEELING.

Stills from the Altel production shoot.