Silver Lining Pictures produced the Enjo – Goddess commercial for 303LowePerth to relaunch the Australian natural cleaning product manufacturer Enjo.

This spectacular commercial was shot on location at the Casa Labia; an extravagant mansion formerly owned by the Italian ambassador during the early 1900s. Executive Producer, Renier Ridgeway, is responsible for making the enchanting world created by Director, Michael Matthews, possible. Matthews utilises the beautiful goddess to portray that Enjo products makes cleaning an easy and fun experience. The mayhem is captured by the brilliant Michael Cleary (cinematography) who delivers an enticing visual aesthetic that contrasts, but enhances, the ornate location. The bedlam and mess portrayed in the commercial was fabricated by Art Director Elmi Badenhorst and her team; at all times ensuring the protection of the historical site and its priceless artworks. Apart from handling the chaos, while preserving the integrity if the location, the Silverlining Pictures team also managed numerous extras, two lovely children (who greatly enjoyed the mess) and animals, such as dogs and alpacas.

The postproduction was overseen by Heino Henning and his remarkable team at Searle Street Post; edited by talented Daniel Mitchell (SSPP). The engaging music was created by Pressure Cooking Studios. In addition to the 45’ commercial, Silverlining Pictures produced 6 demonstration videos for the various Enjo products, as well as a dramatic stills campaign; shot by Marguerite Oelofse.

Crew Members

Directed By Michael Matthews (Silver Lining Pictures)
Produced By Renier Ridgeway (Silver Lining Pictures)
Director Of Photography – Michael Cleary
Edited By Daniel Mitchell (Searle Street Post)
Art Director – Elmi Badenhorst
Wardrobe By Nicci Watson
Hair & Makeup By Janine Pritschow
Music By Pressure Cooking Studios