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Silver Lining Pictures and 303Lowe Perth teamed up anew to create this sensational and dramatic commercial and stills campaign for the Australian company TAB. Renier Ridgeway, Executive Producer, and Director, Michael Matthews, delivered a stunning advertisement infused with great performances, breathtaking stunts and entertaining dialogue. The technically challenging “We’ve Upped The Game” 90 second Brand TVC was created by shooting plates of the actual Perth locations, including filming during an AFL Game at the Subiaco Oval Stadium, with all the live action shot on location in Cape Town at the Durbanville racecourse and polo field, as well as the beach and tidal pool on the coast. This spectacle was visually captured by Director of Photography Eugenio Galli, while Marguerite Oelofse shot the astonishing stills campaign.

This very challenging commercial featured more than 20 trained race horses and greyhounds, several professional riders and a number of spectacular stunts. To accomplish the authenticity of the Australian sports culture, our South African rugby players were introduced and taught how to play Australian Rules Football with all its complexities and regulations. Further, the sulkies were especially manufactured to correspond with the original harness race events in Australia.

Heino Henning and his team at Searle Street Post again delivered an exceptional post production achievement at combining the beautiful Australian backdrops and South African action footage, creating the enchanting illusion of being right on the spot when magic presents itself to the eye of the spectator.

Silver Lining Pictures presents Jennifer Pack’s directorial debut.

3rd World Spectator, one of South Africa’s up-and-coming bands, released their stunning new music video ‘Once More With Feeling’ directed by the talented Jennifer Pack.

Earlier this year, 24-year-old, Jennifer Pack, was invited  to join the Silver Lining Pictures’ team of directors. ‘Once More With Feeling’ is an achievement, as it executes a challenging concept with ease and flair. The music video depicts the evolution of love, as well as the cyclical  nature of life, by using a locked-off frame; within which all of the action occurs. The well-cast couple, Aidan Whytock and Shannyn Fourie, offers believable and emotive performances.

Willem Grobler produced the video and gathered a fantastic supporting team for the young director. ‘Once More With Feeling’ was shot by Christian Denslow and edited by Matthew Griffiths. The post production was completed by Echo Ledge Productions.

August 2013

In April, Silver Lining Pictures exclusively produced the Enjo – Goddess commercial for 303Lowe Perth to relaunch the Australian  natural cleaning product manufacturer Enjo.

This spectacular commercial was shot on location at the Casa Labia; an extravagant mansion formerly owned by the Italian ambassador during the early 1900s. Executive Producer, Renier Ridgeway, is responsible for making the enchanting world created by Director, Michael Matthews, possible. Matthews utilises the beautiful goddess to portray that Enjo products makes cleaning an easy and fun experience. The mayhem is captured by the brilliant Michael Cleary (cinematography) who delivers an enticing visual aesthetic that contrasts, but enhances, the ornate location. The bedlam and mess portrayed in the commercial was fabricated by Art Director Elmi Badenhorst and her team; at all times ensuring the protection of the historical site and its priceless artworks. Apart from handling the chaos, while preserving the integrity if the location, the Silverlining Pictures team also managed numerous extras, two lovely children (who greatly enjoyed the mess) and animals, such as dogs and alpacas.

The postproduction was  overseen by Heino Henning and his remarkable team at Searle Street Post; edited by talented Daniel Mitchell (SSPP). The engaging music was created by Pressure Cooking Studios. In addition to the 45’ commercial, Silverlining Pictures produced 6 demonstration videos for the various Enjo products, as well as a dramatic stills campaign; shot by Marguerite Oelofse.

Silver Lining Pictures shot a new enticing television commercial, stills campaign, as well as interactive online demo videos, to re-launch the natural cleaning brand, Enjo. Producer, Renier Ridgeway’s, newly-signed director, Michael Matthews, directed this beautiful advertising campaign, which was filmed over two days.

The commercial was filmed at the wonderful historical building, the Casa Labia, which is in Muizenberg, South Africa. The complex shoot involved various animals, such as alpaca, countless extras and a beautifully designed mess, which was cleaned effortlessly by the Enjo Goddess. The talented Marguerite Oelofse shot the stills campain. Please have a look at the Behind the Scenes video documenting this delightful shoot. The commercial will be released shortly.