In early October of this year, two of our represented talents, Jennifer Pack and Willem Grobler, co-directed the uniquely brilliant “Adelard” as a part of 2013’s 48 Hour Film project.

The 48 Hour Film project is a competition that encourages creativity in filmmaking through constraints that control elements such as genre and specific props, lines of dialogue and characters. The short has to be filmed, edited and scored within the time frame of 48 hours.

Grobler and Pack’s team, Dromedary, despite the sleepless nights and the uncommon, complicated demands of the shoot, performed admirably and submitted a wonderful and innovative film.

‘Adelard’ received Honourable Mention from the judges at the 48 Hour Film Project Cape Town 2013 Awards Ceremony, as well as runner-up in the following categories: Best Actor (Aidan Whytock), Best VFX, (Chris Daniel Aupiais), Best Cast (Aidan Whytock, Gregory Parvess, Robyn Hobson, Amy Louise Wilson) and Best Use Of Genre – Fantasy. The film was written and edited by Willem Grobler and shot by Chris Aupais.